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  1. Thanks! Just wanted to confirm what I thought.
  2. WE are a prime under a Federal Government Contract. It is required that all our subcontractors/vendors be registered in Sam.Gov?
  3. It is the same SOW for each option year and the prices are fixed price for all the out years.
  4. No they have not. The team here have been doing it for the past few years because they thought they had to, but I'm not able to figure out why. In my past experience, I did not have to do market research, RFPs, etc., for option year pricing since all that was done prior to award.
  5. Does the contract from the Government include a price and SOW for each option year? - Yes. How many option years are included and priced in the Government contract your company signed - 10 years What is the date the Government contract was awarded 2012 Does the Government contract include FAR and/or DFARs or some other Agency clauses? Yes Did your company submit cost or pricing data and sign a certified cost or pricing certificate? Yes Was this for the base period work and all the option years? Yes Did your company submit a small business subcontracting plan to the Government? Yes Did the small business plan include the base period work only or did it include all the option years? All option years Did your subcontractors submit similar cost or pricing data/certificates to your company? Subs are FFP. Is your company subject to a periodic Contractor Purchasing System Review? Does your company have an approved Purchasing System? Yes. We just finished and passed our CPSR.
  6. They awarded an IDIQ and each option year is a separate Task Order. The subs that we have had on contract all submitted their rates for the option years out, so I can't understand why we would have to competitively compete each subcontractor each option year?
  7. All subs submitted their proposals with the option years included.
  8. We are waiting to be awarded our next Option Year on our government contract. Do we have to go back to all our subs and do competitive bidding again? I didn't think we had to since we competitively bid them on the initial proposal and award.... Thanks, Jo A Brown
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