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  1. I have been in contracting since 2015 but haven't done any cost contracting. I took CON 170, but the instruction was very poor and I was so new to contracting that I didn't absorb much of it. All of my experience has been in firm fixed price, both by negotiation and commercial contracts. I've done SAP, ship repair, and comparatively simple construction task orders. I am contemplating accepting a position with an agency that does primarily cost contracts. I would appreciate any advice on how to approach that transition, and pointers more experienced 1102's might have for me. This is a rather o
  2. I believe that is called a lei. Maybe DC is in my future.
  3. It would be 8 months before I would be eligible for the 13. A 13 that soon would be nice, but money isn't everything. Enjoying and taking pride in my work means just as much. Pepe and Don, thanks for confirming my gut feelings. I sort of stumbled into this career field. I have never given much thought to going past the 13 level. If the DOD can realistically lay a foundation to go past the 13 level in the next ten years or so I would be foolish not to pursue it.
  4. Good day, I have four years 1102 contracting experience with a civilian agency as a 9/11/12. I am currently a 12. It's very mission focused work I enjoy immensely. I have a job offer in the DOD pending a background investigation for a 12 position in a higher pay scale in an ideal location for my family. I also have a job offer for a 12/13 position with the VA in the same area. No security clearance required. The VA job would be managing IDIQs for supplies and services. It sounds very repetitive. The work at the DOD position is for construction contracting, which seems much
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