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  1. XXX Company charges an annual subscription fee priced at $30,000 per institution that subscribes per year. For 3 universities, and thus 3 subscriptions, the cost is $90,000. but the subscription fee is $30,000 per entity. any entity with whom we contract is eligible for a full subscription to XXX company. for a 1-year period that is renewable, with access to our mentors, virtual career fairs, employers on the platform, and with tailored programming led by our staff, but any work produced by XXX Company on the platform belongs to XXX Company. and is not subject to work-for-hire provisions. The fee is a subscription. Is there a way to proceed with XXX company without the work being subject to work-for-hire provisions? Would the Government ultimately own the work? I would be grateful if you can you point me to the applicable reference?
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