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  1. Another member had a copy stored. If able, this thread can be closed (as far as I am concerned). Thanks community!
  2. Thanks. Appears to have a different title/subject. The article I am thinking of compares the use of Experience as an evaluation factor to the required Past Performance evaluation...a topic CO's and particularly agency Acquisition SES'ers get, let's say, confused about. The article I am looking for (specifically) is the one linked in the March 19, 2010 posting in this thread: ...and ya, I admit this is a bit of a goose chase, but I figured it was worth asking.
  3. Thanks Vern. The link from that page is also not working...so I cannot tell if that is the same one. Appreciate the help though.
  4. In other discussion posts here there is reference to a Michael Golden paper entitled "Past Performance/Experience." Several posts have a link to a Tricare.mil site which is now dead. If anyone has a copy of the article in electronic format can you please speak up so we can figure out a way to transmit/repost it? While I have no problems with the concepts, and can point to any number of cases to support the position I am advocating for, I think that the actual deciders may take additional stock if bolstered by what I remember being in this paper. Thanks!
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