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  1. I have been to the site, not much info. I have not contacted them yet, trying to get valid questions ready before I call.
  2. I am new to all this and have a newb question. I apologize now. How does a small business deal with the Export control laws/JCP and etc. Say I have a part I mfg for the government and I need to send it out to be painted and they need the drawings and specs. How does this play into the JCP/Export laws? I have read docs and etc and honestly, I am more confused now then before I started. Any guidance is appreciated before I do something wrong.
  3. No, it was a single award, it was a little more than $500, I just rounded it.
  4. Well just got notified the stop work has been rescinded as of today. Wish I knew more, but no one has answered any emails or voicemails I have left. Either way I can get back to work on it now. Thanks to all for the information/help.
  5. Yes I have asked, nothing as of yet.
  6. Wish I knew what it was if so... All I know is what I was told in the 2 emails I got, in short, stop work, and it has been protested. I know nothing else.
  7. I'm new to all this, so I am not sure what you mean. It was posted on DIBBS and bid on the job there.
  8. It is not worth that much, it was only a $500 award. Hopefully I will know more soon. And thank you all who replied.
  9. I do not know. All I do know is that I got a stop order email and this is what I got from the CO as well "Please be advised that a protest was received against the subject award that is currently under review.".
  10. I have read both of these several times, and complied, ie stopped all work and ordering. Just wish I knew why or what I did if I did anything. Thanks for your time, I will just push it to the side and wait for information I guess.
  11. So is this likely NOT something I did or did wrong but someone unhappy with the results or process? Is there anything I need to do or be ready to do? So far, I have no money spent on this award, but I was within minutes of ordering materials needed.
  12. Can anyone tell me what all this means, I am new to contracting and this is my first time to see this. I was awarded a contract Monday, and today I get this a "Stop Work" email and the CO tells me "protest was received against the subject award that is currently under review". What does this mean mean exactly... I can assume allot of things, but would rather know for sure.
  13. Thank you all. At this point, since I have talked dozens of people on the internet and via phone and thus far I have not gotten 2 people with the same answer I am writting a formal letter to the CO. We will see what happens. Again, thank you all.
  14. Contract does not have any reference to part marking or MIL-STD-130, only the drawing has the reference. ODA-PIN MFR-CAGE or ODA-ODA# CDA-CADA# MFR-CAGE Or CDA-CDA# MFR-CAGE etc I do not know IF any are correct. MIL-STD-130 says if space is to small you can bag and tag, BUT my drawing conflicts that.
  15. If they would allow me to do the stencil work via silk screening I could easily get the text and bar code on the part possibly.
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