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  1. Good day Contracting Titian's, I'm a newer level one and I have I small buy that just rubs me wrong. I have what should be a simple sign purchase and install outside our host installation. However, the state department of transportation claims since its on their land they are the only ones allowed to both manufacture and install signs. So its a sole source, but they themselves don't do the installation. They often sole source the work to private business(es) in the local area. So of my understanding of this buy, I am supposed to sole source and give money to the state for they to in-turn sole source to a private company or no sign. What do I site in my SSJL or AWD doc to support this lack of competition? "Is it acceptable to just say the state said only they can do it and its their real property?". Am I overthinking this? What FAR referencing should I use in these two documents? To me in law when a court cases are presented to a federal institution, that federal entity treats the state like its basically a private citizen/corporation filling. So from my perspective Collins v. Virginia might as well be Smith Vs. Thomas. So with this frame of mind when I see essentially a non-federal entity dictating how we procure or insure fair competition, while at the same time sole sourcing, it bothers me. If we had to put a Government Weather vane on a private house in our negotiations we don't allow the home owner to dictate that we award to his cousin Ted. So why are state agencies different? Its under 15k, so should I post the intent to sole source to a state agency on FBO? I looked on FBO for other instances of dealing with my state, but I was hard pressed to find any. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks!
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