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  1. 1. My agency has not implemented anything as such, although I do believe there has been discussion. I think the ability to provide good oversight for the larger agencies is the reason. 2. FAR 13.301 (a) - ". . . the Governmentwide commercial purchase card is authorized for use in making and/or paying for purchases of supplies, services, or construction. The Governmentwide commercial purchase card may be used by contracting officers and other individuals designated in accordance with 1.603-3. . ." FAR 1.603-3 (b) - "Agency heads are encouraged to delegate micro-purchase authority to
  2. The SBA regs do, but only as it relates to the Small Business Act (PL 112-239 ยง 4 (a)). Doesn't mean they have the final decision on the acquisition strategies of executive agencies no more then GAO does when it comes to protest decisions. Let's not forget our friends in DC have consistently, with no end in sight, pass laws that are inconsistent with laws already on the books. That's why the Judicial Branch exist. They aren't suppose to, but they do. Let's not forget that the SBA has authority in their sector, but FAR 19.201 (b) pretty clearly removes it - "Heads of contracting activ
  3. FAR 1.101 - "The Federal Acquisition Regulations System is established for the codification and publication of uniform policies and procedures for acquisition by all executive agencies. The Federal Acquisition Regulations System consists of the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR), which is the primary document, and agency acquisition regulations that implement or supplement the FAR." (EA) The CFR is a tool the Executive Branch of the government uses to execute the laws and programs enacted by Congress and how they are implemented. The resulting regulation (FAR in this case) has the
  4. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ - In all seriousness though, the poll concerns the FAR v. CFR. FAR wins. If a change is made to FAR or a deviation is provided to clarify/correct the error then great. We make the best decision we can to be in compliance with the information on-hand at the time. All I am saying.
  5. Reading: https://www.amazon.com/Call-Sign-Chaos-Learning-Lead/dp/0812996836 "Call Sign Chaos: Learning to Lead" - Jim Mattis
  6. To offer a different interpretation: I would suggest that if FAR 5.301 does not "specifically" call out a required situation for a "synopsis of award" posting then don't. I turn to FAR 5.302, which points to FAR 5.207 that states the required data that must be addressed in the "synopsis of award" posting to GPE. The required information provided at FAR 5.207, is the exact data points which are posted to https://www.usaspending.gov/#/ for every award the government makes. If not specifically called out for a "synopsis of award," then why post the same data twice when it i
  7. Happy Birthday WIFCON. I have received more guidance through these forums then any other source over my short career. Thank you! ๐Ÿ‘†๐Ÿ‘†๐Ÿ‘† - That!
  8. Just post an amendment explaining why the solicitation extensions (protest(s) was received), but not the what (protest is for XXXX).
  9. Question just for fun nkd9 - Are the 40% of the offerors that are capable of the required completion date more expensive and you don't have the funding?
  10. All, Would appreciate some professional guidance/advice/opinions on pursuing the following certifications: Certified Professional Contract Manager; Certified Federal Contract Manager. I have recently finished up my FAC-C III cert and would like to continue my acquisition education/certifications. What is everyone's thoughts on these two certs? Is one better the other? Should be obtained before the other? Completely useless? Carry more meaning in industry then the government? Vice-versa? Appreciate all replies.
  11. I agree with all information/sources provided thus far. Wanted to add another resource that I found helpful early in my career. Management Concepts published a book called "How to Write a Statement of Work." The author is Peter S. Cole. It provides a macro view (not agency/industry specific) for the elements of a PWS, SOW, SOO, and many other things. There are several editions out there (I think the 6th was the last one). I have the 5th edition and originally picked a used version for like $40. Great resource for me.
  12. It depends on the situation. . . The contractor has no right to refuse the government to perform under the option (if everything was done correctly as identified in 52.217-9). They agreed to at the time of contract award. That being said, if they are coming to you and asking to be let out of it for business reasons, they are not going to be able to perform anyway if they are being truthful. 1. The easiest thing to do is not exercise the option. That decision is the unilateral right of the government. Less paperwork and just re-compete the requirement. 2. You can exercise
  13. Contracts hit their ceilings/estimated cost all of the time. They are either determined to be complete and closed or modified and continues (moon rover). The FAR doesn't address those situations very well, but there is a lot of things that it does not. I personally don't think that "closing those CLINS" is the correct way to word it. If it is a fiscal law issue, those CLINS could be terminated and legally shouldn't have been awarded in the first place for a period extending past the appropriations availability. Hopefully I am in the right ballpark now.
  14. CR/T&M - estimated funds reached/government decides not to add funds makes the contract physically complete and it can be closed. SS CLINS on a contract that no appropriation available for ordering does not make it complete. If no appropriation is available then it is illegal to order against those CLINS and them being there is not the issue. To remove those CLINS would require a termination, not a close out.
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