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  1. The average new contract specialist hired is in their late 20's or early 30's - in my experience. I was 26 when hired as a GS-5 Procurement Tech on a ladder to GS-7/9 CS. I know no person in my org under 25 or over 70. The most productive work years of any individual, in any field is in their late 30's and 40's. This statement looks like pleading to hire more kids out of college that are mentally weak, poor workers, none driven and want more time off than a person capable, retiring out the contracting arm of the military. "Personnel is policy." - Michael Knowles
  2. Wanted to get the pulse of the community. I came into the field after they went away. I would think the contracting workforce would have to touch them at some point. I know some good journalist lost their jobs over in-depth reporting on them at one point. My initial thought is "bad." Good, bad or indifferent? Congressional earmarks are coming back — with new constraints (axios.com)
  3. @sackanator, let me fill in some blanks for my own understanding. You/or someone has been awarded a "fixed price" single-award (SA) IDIQ for "whatever." It has a "base year" and "4 options" which are "one-year" in length. Each has a specific "fixed rate" for the period you are in. Those were "negotiated/proposed and accepted" which lead to the award. Is the above correct? Also, Vern is correct. When u see language of "at least 2/3" it is a competition requirement. If you have a SA-IDIQ, then competition requirements have been achieved/satisfied. See 52.216-18 and the agency supplement for ordering procedures.
  4. In your opinion, do you have CS who should not have a warrant? What type of contracting are you doing? Commercial supplies and NASA R&D are different things. See above: Do they have their own workloads? Do they only manage reviews for the CS? Also see above.
  5. I can't really remember any meaningful legislation passed through official channels in the last year (House/Congress/President), outside of spending more money that is. Living in the world of EOs we are acquisition warriors.
  6. "In doing so, the Federal Acquisition Regulatory Council shall specifically consider whether any such rules should limit or prohibit Federal contractors and subcontractors from seeking and considering information about job applicants’ and employees’ existing or past compensation when making employment decisions." Yea - this will be enforceable. Maybe another clause they can make to add another signature to an offer/quote (LOS).
  7. @WC79 you will also find that language in FAR 15, 16 and 22. Think about it this way: NASA contracted with SpaceX to build them a spaceship. Ship built, accepted, went to space, and came back (warranty period ended). Now prepping for another flight, they have a system error. Would NASA be better off going to SpaceX to fix a problem or should they ask Blue Origin first?
  8. That's an interesting business model. Can't say I blame them if there is no oversight. Those things can get pricey. I believe @ji20874's advice above is the best. Tailor whatever your local security clause is to add. I would also add a notification requirement from the contractor to the CO/COR to keep track of such occurrences.
  9. Figured you would be able to explain yourself. Glad I could be of some entertainment to you posting my end of week remark.
  10. A simpler example: A FFP contract for a product (commercial or non). CLIN 0001 is for the product itself. CLIN 0002 is for the installation. CLIN 0001 will be evaluated as a tradeoff, based on warranty length (ex. - 5 v. 3 years) and value (ex. - limited v. unlimited). CLIN 0002 will be evaluated as LPTA. Forgive me, but I don't think that "n" goes there - 😁
  11. Haven't seen one, but it is an interesting idea. I don't see why not, but would like Vern's question answered before getting myself in trouble.
  12. Nope - just giving an example for Q&A options. The topic extends to both commercial and non-commercial acquisitions.
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