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  1. To further provide background information. We had a Sole-Source SAP requirement (over $25,000) that had a combined Synopsis/Solicitation as well as the Sole-Source Justification posted in the GPE prior to award. Any party interested in the requirement was instructed to respond through email. Award was made and we are having an internal discussion if the contract award is required to be synopsized. It is my interpretation the exception FAR 5.301(b)(6) applies as the threshold is below SAT, notice was provided through the GPE, and the public was permitted to respond electronically (through email). Once of my Contracting Officers is interpreting "electronic response" as a response to solicitations specifically utilizing an e-commerce method that allows the ability to respond/quote in the system e.g. FEDBID and that a post award synopsis is required.
  2. Internal office debate, I've been tearing through the FAR/WIFCON/DAU but can not find a definitive answer. If a solicitation is posted on the GPE (NECO/FEDBIZOPPS) and offerors are instructed to respond electronically through email, does that constitute an "electronic response" or do offers have to be received specifically through FEDBIZOPPS? FAR 5.301(b)(6) states: The contract action— (i) Is for an amount not greater than the simplified acquisition threshold; (ii) Was made through a means where access to the notice of proposed contract action was provided through the GPE; and (iii) Permitted the public to respond to the solicitation electronically, Thanks in advance for your input!
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