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  1. WhoFARted?

    Definitized or Undefinitized Task Order?

    Joel, the TO does not definitize quantity or total price, subject to the ramp-up schedule discussed above. To me, setting a NTE price on a FFP CLIN (the only CLIN in the TO) implies that a definitization schedule is forthcoming, which was not the case. Otherwise, the CLIN is essentially a Cost Reimbursement CLIN disguised as FFP, which the IDIQ does not envision or authorize. What's the authority for "FFP Construction ... estimated unit-priced quantities of work but the scope of work itself is identifiable...the government could put an NTE price in the award"?
  2. WhoFARted?

    Definitized or Undefinitized Task Order?

    Joel, not exactly. The unit prices are provided and a ramp-up schedule that states a range of quantity per day to be expected.
  3. WhoFARted?

    Definitized or Undefinitized Task Order?

    It contains the standard ordering clauses: 52.216-18, 52.216-19. Also 52.216-22 is included. Use of the NTE price in the FFP TO is the source of my confusion.
  4. My agency cut an IDIQ K for emergency services. A KO subsequently cut a FFP Task Order off that K. The Task Order pulled the unit price from the IDIQ K, stated a quantity of "1", quantity type was "job" and a Not To Exceed total price was inserted. My question is: is this a definitized contract action? The DFARS indicates that a KO (with HCA approval) may issue a undefinitized Task Order and details the procedures. DFARS 217.74. Also, I'm wondering, assuming the Task Order was a UCA and no HCA approval was obtained (for the TO itself and to exceed 50% of the NTE amount), is the next step processing as an unauthorized commitment?