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  1. I was just reading my [This Week at OFPP Innovates] email. I find it to be quite entertaining. How to improve federal procurement, you ask? Well, allow the sales of hemp oil products at base exchanges, of course!
  2. GovWin is only as good as the data Deltek can collect and I've found is often not that accurate. I'm on the Fed side so don't know the ins and outs of the system, but I've received a number of calls over the years from industry saying they saw XYZ on GoVWin and the info was not correct. Seems to be a good system, but not great. Quick check in FPDS and the most recent awards were in the spring and summer if I'm looking at the right ones. Looks like for the awards under MAS, they might have done what @formerfed mentioned and reached out to a smaller pool rather than posting on eBuy - shows competitive award under FSS with 3 offers received, but no solicitation number. VETS2 shows 1 award with 6 offers from solicitation 1333BJ22Q00280006. Like Deltek, I used the info I had available - in this case FPDS - so it could just as easily be flawed. Of the 4 contractors named in your post, I found the most recent awards by PTO, all of which had "cybersecurity" in the title. Only one, awarded to Xor, was called "cybersecurity operations contract support services" specifically. Have you tried reaching out the POC to see how they were solicited?
  3. Ah, yes, my apologies. I was merely appreciating the snark of the statement as this is an issue I've run into countless times wherein the PMO gets really wound up about the amount of actual effort expended by the contractor in an FFP environment. "But we're paying 10 FTEs and Sally only worked 10 hours last week!" When I ask if the contractor is meeting delivery and quality metrics, the answer is almost always yes, so I have to try to redirect that we are paying for XYZ work at $ABC and not "for 10 FTEs". Tis all.
  4. This is absolutely my favourite comment. Also, as a CO I have been given this exact argument from PMOs countless times... I then do my best to educate them on contract types and actual FAR requirements for using LH. I'm sure you can imagine how that goes.
  5. Thanks for sharing. Bookmarking to read the full document soon. I haven't processed many commercial terminations for convenience but considering the text in 12.403, this is an interesting take to me as well. 12.403(d)(2) ..."the parties must balance the Government's need to obtain sufficient documentation to support payment to the contractor against the goal of having a simple and expeditious settlement." (emphasis mine) With legal support, this has always panned out as "get enough info to support a price that makes sense" and is usually a combination of receipts/invoices and payroll data. Perhaps I've been making it too simple and expeditious...
  6. Keep in mind some agencies have deviations to not report at the thresholds in the FAR. DHS has one, quick google looks like Energy and DoD have them. I'm sure there are others out there.
  7. Falling into the second-most populated category, today I'm feeling perfectly average. 😜
  8. A bit late to the party, but a few years back I issued an RFQ for advertising services a bit like this and sounds like similar to ji20874's example. Telling industry we needed commercials, pamphlets, targeted interactions with certain groups, etc. could yield solutions from tens to hundreds of millions and quite frankly - that's not what our budget looked like. So we essentially said we want the most bang for our buck for a recruitment-based advertising strategy with these priorities and given a budget estimate of X dollars. A little push-back from reviewers on how it was going to work but ultimately were approved and were able to successfully award an order using this method. Depending on what part of the FAR you're in - definitely use whatever flexibilities you can. I don't see why something like this couldn't work for the right requirement/with the right team.
  9. I'm actually surprised by the large numbers in the 30-39 group. I often still feel like the kid in the room... Guess I'm not as young as I thought....
  10. As a current CO, this is a trend that drives me mad. I've not worked in an agency where this happened due to the contract or finance system as you mentioned - though I could see where that could be the case. I think it's been a lot of lemming syndrome - doing it the way the last one was done - or the flawed logic that we need to include the price build-up into the contract/order. I've had many actions transferred to me over the years that were set up this way and would usually take it upon myself to modify out the inapplicable information to alleviate the mods and such you speak of.
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