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  1. Have a construction project that has been subject to multiple protest prior the RFP closing. Contracting has been working closely with council to address these protests, but its been unclear when each would be resolved. As a result, contracting has had to issued multiple amendments and pushed the RFP closing date out repeatedly. Contractors and subs are understandably frustrated with this. My question deals with sharing information with contractors and subs. Is there anything wrong with sharing information, when asked, about the reason behind the multiple amendments being issued. Trying
  2. Hey, I am of the opinion the contracting community should rise up in angry revolt and bring back farsite.hil.af.mil. Really don't like the aqusition.gov website. Is there a way to download the whole far in a PDF so I can "ctrl 'F" search? Just a pipe dream.
  3. I was thinking that the AE firm made a mistake not properly addressing one of the criteria.. Yes, I posted the request for SF330s via a FBO notice, confusion of terms. I will engage with the AE firm. I didn't even know I had 15.3 baggage but it seems like I do.
  4. Correct this is a AE Contract. Currently in the evaluation of phase I (SF330s). 36.601-3 (C) When the contract statement of work includes both architect-engineer services and other services, the contracting officer shall follow the procedures in this subpart if the statement of work, substantially or to a dominant extent, specifies performance or approval by a registered or licensed architect or engineer. If the statement of work does not specify such performance or approval, the contracting officer shall follow the procedures in Parts 13, 14, or 15. So yes I'm definitely usi
  5. Can I communicate with an offeror after the receipt of phase I proposals (sf330s) for a design solicitation, to ask if they have any additional satellite offices or subcontractors’ offices to meet eval criteria? What are the limits of my communication with the offeror? The solicitation criteria states offerors must be within a 300 mile radius of the location. Right now, I believe it would be a "communication" with an offeror to address a deficiency in the proposal. Right now they are eliminated, this clarification could only include them in the down select.
  6. FAR 36.104 seems to state that design-build will be the default when design-bid-build is not used or appropriate. Thank you for the historical context of use of design-build and the development of 36.3, interesting stuff.
  7. Far 36.301(b)(3) - Use of Two-Phase Design Build Selection Procedures lists the following criteria to be considered by CO's in order to use design build selection procedures in construction projects. 3) The following criteria have been considered: (i) The extent to which the project requirements have been adequately defined. (ii) The time constraints for delivery of the project. (iii) The capability and experience of potential contractors (iv) The suitability of the project for use of the two-phase selection method. (v) The capability of the agency to manag
  8. They would contain that clause(below). Aha! ____________ (d)Agreement. A service-disabled veteran-owned small business concern agrees that in the performance of the contract, in the case of a contract for - (1) Services (except construction), at least 50 percent of the cost of personnel for contract performance will be spent for employees of the concern or employees of other service-disabled veteran-owned small business concerns; _____________ These businesses would not be doing much of the work and would essentially be pressing a button to grant access from
  9. Yes, Set asides for procurements are over the SAT. This question is in regards to electronic subscriptions that belong to large publishers and sold through resellers that are SDVOSB, VOSB, smalls.
  10. This issue is in regards to online subscriptions services to the VA. Does a small, or VOSB, or SDVOSB vendor need to perform 51% of the work for an award to be considered an official small, VOSB, or SDVOSB award, and count towards the VA’s national quota/goal of awarding a certain percentage to smalls, VOSBs or SDVOSBs? I'm asking because we’re seeing a lot of big publishers passing-through SDVOSBs assumedly because the big publisher thinks this will force the Government’s hand to do a SDVOSB set-aside (rule of two) or give preference to them (the SDVOSB) because of their status.
  11. Yeah I see you're right. I sent the funding document back to the COR to request additional funds for travel be put on the 2237. Thank you for your help.
  12. As someone new to contracting I have some questions regarding the process for completing a modification to a task order. We recently awarded a multi award BPA to 3 awardees and a subsequent task order to the LPTA of the three awardees. Problem is that travel is required during the period of performance and it was overlooked for this Task. All the other items for the contract have line items (CLINS) for individual prices that the client will be able to bill for upon completion. Nothing for travel. I know we need to have a CLIN for the travel in the MOD, but will I also need to request
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