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  1. Modification for Travel

    Yeah I see you're right. I sent the funding document back to the COR to request additional funds for travel be put on the 2237. Thank you for your help.
  2. Modification for Travel

    As someone new to contracting I have some questions regarding the process for completing a modification to a task order. We recently awarded a multi award BPA to 3 awardees and a subsequent task order to the LPTA of the three awardees. Problem is that travel is required during the period of performance and it was overlooked for this Task. All the other items for the contract have line items (CLINS) for individual prices that the client will be able to bill for upon completion. Nothing for travel. I know we need to have a CLIN for the travel in the MOD, but will I also need to request addional money for travel on the 2237?