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  1. Good point Redskin fan. That's my concern as well. They assumed we could pay for it under this ODC pot and the contract was structured as such. I will definitely make sure there are no bona fide need concerns based on funding types.
  2. Thanks for the feedback. I was getting hung up on adding it to a cost reimbursable ODC CLIN. Its common practice at my agency to have one. I see you completely disagree with the practice. As you mentioned, I will add it to a new CLIN.
  3. The contract includes an ODC CLIN. When I say add it as a ODC I meant, add it under the ODC CLIN. The technical POC wants it added because it was part of the original requirement and is only a small amount in comparison to the whole effort. It makes sense to add it, I'm getting hung up on how to add it. I'm leaning towards modifying the contract to add a new FFP CLIN for the subscription.
  4. I recently inherited a software maintenance contract which includes FFP service maintenance and Cost Reimbursable Travel and ODCs. The contract was awarded with the need to move the software to a cloud environment. The technical POC has determined a viable cloud computing company that is able to support the software and requested that I add the company’s monthly subscription fee to the contract as an ODC. The technical POC indicated that they assumed the costs would be handled as an ODC and they estimated it as such when they prepared their IGCE. What’s the best way for me to add the soft
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