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  1. Reviewed the WIFCON forum for this exact scenario, but haven’t found exactly what I’m looking for. We currently have a number of reoccurring (simple) commercial services within our contracting office. These services have been IDIQs for the last several efforts, however, I am being advised by management to change them to a Requirements type contract. My question, is an Indefinite Delivery Requirement contract type appropriate for a simple service? From reading FAR 16.5 (ad nauseam), I have determined they are similar, with a major exception being that a Requirements type effort is “from one contractor” and “the contract shall state, if feasible, the maximum limit of the contractor’s obligation.” It is my opinion that the Government would benefit from the utilization of an IDIQ, due to an IDIQ offering more flexibility with the use of multiple contractors and not being locked into the contract after the minimum quantity is met. I would like to go to management with specific examples of the benefits of an IDIQ over a Requirements type effort, but have had little luck in finding specific cases. Any insight would be greatly appreciated, unless I’m wrong, in which case I will gladly eat crow.
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