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  1. Fair enough. Thanks for the advice!
  2. It's a little too late for me for that. I am being added more than halfway through the contract.
  3. Yeah, I get I can take it or leave it, that's exactly where I am at. By recourse I meant, is there anything in the FAR that indicates/points/signals it - the FAR - protects the sub from a prime that won't allow it to charge fringe/G&A/OH/profit? Or is it pretty much, c'est la vie? There are no DOL minimums (that I'm aware of) and I've actually made sure that I do not exceed what the prime bid for the labor category and has been funded by the government already. If I did cross the threshold, it was by $2-3K and I would really expect the prime to tell, "me lower it."
  4. Neil, I have not accepted the rate as I do not believe that it would be beneficial to accept such a low rate at this moment with no way to afford any fringe and G&A expenses since I can't burden (at the very least) the prime's rate. Of course, I want to do what's best for my company and get a few sub agreements, but let's face it, it's a business and I would like to make a small profit, just like the prime does. The difference between the burdened rate and the NTE is $28 almost all of that is to cover fringe benefits, as I do not really have OH costs. Also, I am confident that my rate does not exceed what the government already funds for the labor category. If it does (and it wouldn't be by much), I am willing to negotiate, but the prime is not interested. Anyway, I don't see any solution for me, I just wanted to know if what they are doing is standard. As a PM I never set a rate for the subs my employer primed for. We always asked and worked with them if they exceeded the mark.
  5. Does a prime have the ability to set a labor rate much, much lower than what the government accepted for the labor category, without burden? We are a small business of two getting a chance at subcontracting for the government. The prime never asked us for a ROM and instead, gave us a not-to-exceed rate. The rate is unburdened - or actually it's the salary the prime was paying to the person that was in that position previously. So in essence, I am supposed to pay for all of my fringe benefits, G&A, OH and profit out of an unburdened labor rate. The prime does not want to negotiate, so what recourse do I have other than saying no? Edit to answer vagueness: The rate difference is $28 per hour. To the very best of my knowledge and with help of another prime, I am 100% certain that I am within the current rate already funded by the government for the billet.