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  1. It is under protest. If you read my original post i was asking, if you are interested, any input or relevant (gao) cases you may know of would be great. I thought it an interesting/oddball enough scenerio where it might draw some interest. In the very least some intellegent discussion would have been cool. If you arent interested noone is forcing you into this thread are they?
  2. This FAR states that a late bid can be considered if it's in the best interest of the government. My issue is, they have to take the contractor's word for what their "initial" bid was. Because we cannot truly know what their initial bid was, shouldnt either bid be considered modified? The CO never saw what their bid was before the contractor took the sealed bid package from him and modified the contents. My huge problem with it is that the contractor was given an opportunity to modify their bid after knowing exactly how many bidders were bidding and who those bidders were. The other bidders (including myself) were not afforded the same opportunity to revise our numbers after being given this additional information. They were given a clear competitive advantage over the rest of us.
  3. And the sequence of events are accurate. I'm not making anything up, I would have nothing to gain.
  4. Both bids were low. It went through GAO, the agency decided to take corrective action rather than make their case and have GAO decide. The corrective action was to accept their "initial bid".
  5. This is how we are interpreting it as well, however the agency believes differently as they are accepting what the contractor says was his "initial" bid.
  6. Hi Everyone- New here, and love the forum. Lots of interesting topics, and an equal amount of intelligent discussion and opinions!
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