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  1. Elaine

    Ready to leave the 1102 job series

    I have two Master Degrees (one is a MS in a STEM field and the other is a MBA)
  2. Elaine

    Ready to leave the 1102 job series

    I would prefer to transition to another job series that is more technical and challenging.
  3. I have been a Contract Specialist for 2 years and I work in R&D on a sole source IDIQ Contract. I consider myself an overachiever and self-motivated. Within the past 2 years, I have earned a NCMA CFCM certification, DAWIA Contracting level 2 certified, and completed Calculus 1-3 from a local University. In my office, our customer and management expects the 1102s to award delivery orders as quickly as possible. Management only cares about the quantity of actions awarded and little about quality. For example, we are expected to: issue Order Request for Proposals prior to reviewing the SOW, on several occasions we have awarded modifications to extend the delivery schedule after the delivery order expired several months earlier. I am told by management to not overthink the work (basically not use my brain at all) but to just get it on contract. The engineers we support get offended if I ask questions because they think our only job as 1102s is to “just put it on contract.” I work really hard to educate myself in this career, but I feel like I am wasting my time because I am forced by management and my customer to award delivery orders or modifications as quickly as possible without putting much thought into my work. I am losing interest in this career field and I feel that if I hang around any longer, then I will become mediocre like others in my office. I would like transition to a different job series now. Any recommendations on the best job series to transition to? Any advice on the best ways to transition without taking a huge pay cut/lower grade?
  4. The changes are out of scope of the existing Delivery Order and all Orders placed against the basic IDIQ contract are exempt from FAR Part 6. Would you proceed with a new Order since the work is out of scope?
  5. Hello, I am new to contracting ( 1.5 years as an 1102), and I have a question regarding changing the terms/requirements of an exercised option. Scenerio: A Delivery Order against a single source IDIQ contract was executed in FY 17. The Delivery Order included a base effort and Options 1-3. Option 2 was awarded last month. And this week, we received a SOW revision from the requiring office and they want to change the requirements of the exercised Option 2 and previously negotiated Options 1 and 3. In a sole source environment, are we able to issue a bilateral change order modification to change the requirents of the exercised Option and Unexercised Options 1 and 3?