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  1. The changes are out of scope of the existing Delivery Order and all Orders placed against the basic IDIQ contract are exempt from FAR Part 6. Would you proceed with a new Order since the work is out of scope?
  2. Hello, I am new to contracting ( 1.5 years as an 1102), and I have a question regarding changing the terms/requirements of an exercised option. Scenerio: A Delivery Order against a single source IDIQ contract was executed in FY 17. The Delivery Order included a base effort and Options 1-3. Option 2 was awarded last month. And this week, we received a SOW revision from the requiring office and they want to change the requirements of the exercised Option 2 and previously negotiated Options 1 and 3. In a sole source environment, are we able to issue a bilateral change order modification to change the requirents of the exercised Option and Unexercised Options 1 and 3?