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  1. Eagle93

    Ethics and Transparency

    I'd rather not say. Doesn't matter at this point. Feel free to delete this thread. Some of the above responses actually reinforce a decision I just made. Thanks.
  2. Eagle93

    Ethics and Transparency

    Actually, people from this command have recently been sentenced to time in federal prison. I guess they weren't into "buzzwords" like ethics, transparency, or legality getting in the way of their mission. I guess some people's accomplishments were disrupted. I found that out after I started. Lesson learned-I should have done my homework before taking the job with this org given the black eye it has. As far as the command wanting to hide their work to that extent, that looks really bad. If they're being legal and competent they have a terrible way of showing it. When things are hidden and people are warned not to ask questions, that limits learning and it calls the leadership's technical and professional credibility into question. Are they ashamed of something? Otherwise why wouldn't they show their work to new staff to train us and show us how it's done? I was approached that way within my first 2 weeks of starting the job. I wasn't out to challenge them. I'm still not. I want nothing to do with them after seeing the secrecy and lack of leadership. They have a high turnover rate, and I'm next out the door. Problem solved for everyone. I'm sure they'll eventually find someone who's a good fit.
  3. Eagle93

    Ethics and Transparency

    Thanks everyone. Vern, I was told that I shouldn't even try to look at the contract because "it didn't end well" for the last person that examined it and questioned them on it. I agree, it's ridiculous and a total jerk move on the part of that upper manager. And he's a jerk. Go figure. But that's the vibe at this command. I said "sure" and started looking for another job. I don't work that way. As far as the example I gave, that was in regards to an above the SAT notice of intent to sole source. I see a general avoidance of publicizing things, despite the benefits of stimulating competition to lower prices. I observe that part of the reason is a cowardly fear of protests. I'm new to federal contracting/procurement and to the FAR, but I'm not new to working on contracts in lower levels of government. I actually do have enough background knowledge and experience to justify being judgmental. I think we have a fiduciary duty to be as transparent as possible in our dealings. It's just a very different environment that I'm not digging. From what I've seen I regret making this move. I totally get there are better fed environments to work in, I just wish my first fed experience had been in one of them.
  4. Eagle93

    Ethics and Transparency

    Hi All, I'm a brand new contract specialist, and frankly I'm having second thoughts about this career choice. I'm working in a command that's very much a "don't ask questions" kind of place. For example, I was given permission to look at contracts to learn how they are structured, but was told in no uncertain terms right off the bat to not even try to look at one contract in particular, "or else," supposedly because my seeing the contract wold compromise the privacy of some on-site contractors. The contract is to procure their support services. This is not a classified or top-secret environment at all. We are buying very straightforward commercial, off-the-shelf supplies and services. Another thing is my CO does not like to publicize anything, and for actions over the SAT will go so far as to lie to reviewers in hopes of getting away with it. That looks really bad to me. I totally believe in being transparent. People in this organization were busted a few years ago for corruption. I would think my command should be bending over backwards to be transparent and demonstrate that they aren't corrupt. I'm just very uncomfortable with the vibe that I'm working in. They want me to be warranted sooner than later, but I feel like if I'm going to be personally and legally responsible, I should have way more trust and faith in my command than I do. Am I overreacting? Is it like this everywhere?