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  1. Loveablackcat

    Trade Agreements (TAA)

    Correct. I think I'm going to err on the side of caution and make sure we note what we supply either is or is not TAA compliant. Thanks everyone!
  2. Loveablackcat

    Trade Agreements (TAA)

    I am a contractor. I speak about Part 25, meaning there were no 52.225 clauses in our task order, although they there were in the IDIQ. Everything I read about the Trade Agreements Act references 'schedule' contracts and the items you list for sale. That's the reason there are no iPads on GSA Advantage, but if they are being purchased for the government as an ODC (not a line item deliverable), is it allowable if they are not TAA compliant? iPads is just an example, but we are coming across several ODC items that we are questioning.
  3. We have a GWAC (not a schedule like GSA Advantage). The GWAC is issued by GSA. 52.225-5 Trade Agreements is in the GWAC contract Section I. Marked as applicable to all task order types. 52.225-6* Trade Agreements Certificate is in the GWAC contract Section H. Marked as applicable to all task order types. AND " * " denoting: Provision numbers followed by an asterisk (*) require fill-ins by the OCO if determined applicable and incorporated into the Order. Under that GWAC we have a task order. There are no FAR part 25 clauses specified in the task order. The task order is for mostly labor, but includes CLINs for ODCs, Tools and Materials which are not defined at the onset of the task order. If we need to purchase items (for example iPads, printers) in support of this task order, do the items need to be TAA compliant? Why or why not?