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  1. No there is not, good point
  2. to me, 15.206(e) addresses cancellation in a competitive situation but does not address sole source. 15.206(a) seems to imply amending if there is a change in requirements/terms and conditions.
  3. What authority authorizes the PCO to rescind the RFP in a sole source environment?
  4. UGA40

    Task Order PoP Extension

    Vern, I misread paragraph (a)(3) of Alt V to read delivery rather than "place of delivery"......
  5. UGA40

    Task Order PoP Extension

    Thanks Vern. So I assume that a bilateral, equitable adjustment, through the changes clause would be the answer.
  6. Can you extend a task order's Period of Performance on a sole source contract through the changes clause? The PoP for the task order is well within the PoP for the base, but the task order does not contain the 52.217-8 clause. There is not an excusable delay, but an R&D effort that needs increased scope to get to a new requirement.
  7. UGA40

    Does MIL-SPEC Constitue Brand Name

    @Seeker ; @ Jamaal ; Thanks a bunch
  8. UGA40

    Does MIL-SPEC Constitue Brand Name

    Thanks Jamaal. It just seems that if only two manufacturers can meet the specification it is limiting competition.
  9. We are having a discussion in our office pertaining to a new requirement. It is for a supply that must meet a certain MIL-SPEC. Market Research has determined that only 2 manufacturers are able to produce the supply that meets the MIL-SPEC. Does this constitute a brand name justification? On one hand any vendor can provide the product if it meets the MIL-SPEC, but on the other hand only 2 sources are able to supply the product which seems to limit competition.