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  1. That is correct. For instance, on contracts I've inherited we had the data rights clauses but we had no CDRLs therefore we had no vehicle or grounds to actually get the data which we should have been getting since day one. My Program Office didn't even have a data manager. Even though we had some grounds to get the data, i.e. the 252.227-7027/28 clauses, pursuing the actual furnishing of that data was next to impossible unless we bring them to court which our legal folks had no stomach for. At AT&L I saw that AF and all of the services, are by law, supposed to do majority of the "organic" maintenance but the Government failed to get the data to perform the maintenance in-house. When asked to price an option CLIN for that TDP for maintenance, not even for a competition mind you, it was well over a billion dollars if they responded at all. Now bear in mind this same data is free for commercial planes under FAA regs, alas DOD is exempt for FAA regs... In reality our own military is a subcontractor to the beltway bandit for O&M which offers tremendous cash flow, profit, and sustained revenue for those prime contractors for the remainder of that plane's life. Most 1102s and AT&L appear to have no clue things basic data rights like Form, Fit, Function and OMIT data is inherently unlimited and even if they are somewhat aware they and their programs don't have the stomach to fight the good fight, especially when we have the rights and legal processes in place to obtain this data.
  2. Other Transaction Authorities, SBIRs (which large companies buy up), commercial item determinations, and generous IRAD have been ways to get innovative products faster than DOD can generate especially its institutional knowledge drain and severe lack of IP legal staffing. From my fairly recent experience within AT&L, right before the break A&S/R&E breakout the matter on Government data rights will make sole sourcing the new(er) normal since we will be locked in data-wise before milestone B and thus before an 1102 could ever compete it out.
  3. In terms of Contracting Pros, how vital is data rights in your experience with negotiations? It seems like 1102s don't stress the importance of data rights to ensure future leverage in competitions much less the maintenance/obsolescence issues that arise on a product that is fielded. This is a second/third order effect that gets low priority but has massive cost implications as the acquisition life-cycle matures, e.g. F-35.
  4. DIrect from college is best route, take 24 hours of business credits with 3.0 min GPA. Navy HQ progression goes: GS-7, intern Day 1 (GS-9 if you have MBA, but same progression thereafter) GS-9 (After 1 year) GS-11 (After 2 years) GS-12 (After 3 years) GS-13 (After 4 years, competitive but almost a given) GS-14 (After 5-8 years, competitive with real interviews for CO unlimited warrant) GS-15 (After 6+ years, whiz kids move up fast and demonstrate exceptional talent). Navy HQ is looking for new talent so DM and I can get your resume to HR.
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