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  1. Is it a big deal? Depends on who you ask here. My opinion is that a J&A is not required as I'm not limiting competition to the requirement. If each work items work solicited separately then a J&A would be required.
  2. Yes. When the shipyards submit their packages they have to identify all subcontractors and those work items must identify the OEM as the subcontractor.
  3. I have and I understand that a J&A is required if the requirement is limiting full and open competition. There are several shipyards that can perform the work we are requesting. Within the package is about 95 work items and about 20 of those require the services of the OEM, which is one source. Since the requirement is solicited as full and open but, some of the work items require a single source does a J&A need to be executed? I have not found a FAR authority that covers this situation
  4. I have a ship repair requirement that will be solicited as full and open but, some of the work items in package require work that can only be completed by one source, the OEM. Since the requirement will be full and open does a J&A have to be executed because some of the items in the package are sole source?
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