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  1. In this scenario its effectively escorting the contractors while on-site. They are not requiring input or direction from the COR. I believe there are a few folks in our organization who would like certain security requirements and are trying to implement through the contract/CO/COR as opposed to broader organization wide security requirements. Thank you to you all for commenting, it has helped give context to my researching this issue.
  2. We have contractors on-site that occasionally need to work weekends/late hours. The contract allows the contractor staff to work theses hours. They are cleared staff that has full access to the office space and during normal business hours do not need escorted. Is there any requirement that the contractors must be supervised (have a Federal employee on-site) if they need to work outside normal business hours in a government office? The contract is silent on the issue. The contractor is fully performing per the SOW as required but we have management that believed the contractors must be supervised by an on-site Fed at all times. Any input would be appreciated.
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