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Pillar Publishing, LLC was formed for the purpose of publishing a compilation and explanation of employment requirements on federal contractors, the legal authority for which are spread out among disparate sources and not always easily found or understood.

Pillar’s service is offered through an annual subscription ($75) for access to information which is updated continuously to reflect legal and regulatory changes. The information provided is a comprehensive guide to the employment requirements as a condition of a federal contract or subcontract, including e-verify, ethics, wage and hour, equal opportunity / affirmative action, and union related requirements. It addresses contracts for Supplies, Services and Construction, includes all employee notice (with samples of each), reporting and record maintenance obligations, requirements for subcontracts and a detailed discussion of each law and executive order, its coverage thresholds by type and amount of contract and subcontract, its specific requirements, and its regulations, including the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) and contract clauses (both civilian agency and DoD) which implement the requirements.