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  1. Buy American Act and Services

    The firm providing services in this case is chartered in Ireland, so that would be okay.
  2. I see. I misunderstood who "vendor" was referring to. Thanks.
  3. As I understand it, FAR 52.245-1(e)(3) states that under a cost reimbursement contract title does not vest in the government until it is "delivered." Here the vehicles won't be delivered to the government until they are done being used in West Africa. If that's the case, my follow up question is who should bear the cost of insuring the vehicles against property damage until they are delivered to the government?
  4. I'm concerned with damaged caused to the vehicle or property in the vehicle. So this would fall under collision and/or comprehensive coverage.
  5. Does it make a difference that this is contractor acquired equipment so while it belongs to the government they don’t take title until we dispose of it at the end of the contract as I understand the process?
  6. Buy American Act and Services

    I don't have the contract yet. Just working on the possible issues with the project once it gets issues. Right now it doesn't look like any type of "secret" or enhanced security requirements will apply.
  7. I am currently working on a government contract that is cost-plus fixed fee. The work under the contract has necessitated us buy several vehicles in Sierra Leone. The government will own the vehicles at the conclusion of the contract. Do I need to take steps to insure the vehicles prior to the government taking possession or are the vehicles covered under the government's self-insurance program? I have read FAR 52.245 regarding government property but am still hazy regarding when government insurance kicks in and what steps I need to adequately protect the property.
  8. Buy American Act and Services

    I currently have work under a government contract that we want to have a large International CRO provide services for. Some of the services the CRO will be providing are from workers located in India. How does the Buy American Act apply to services conducted in a foreign country? Thanks.