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  1. I work for the 1st level subcontractor providing personnel under a government contract. The "contract" with the Prime contract is merely a Purchase Order with no relevant provisions to this situation. The COR took it upon himself to pressure the Prime to move the person in question from filling a position under our subcontract to a position directly under the Prime contract. The COR personally informed the person in questions of the move, how it will be good for her because she will be getting a raise, and that he was the one in a charge of these programs which is why he communicated the chang
  2. Hi. I work for a government subcontractor and we are currently experiencing difficulty from a COR that is not respecting the difference between personal vs. nonpersonal service contracts. The COR is interacting with contractor's employees on a nonpersonal contract and reassigning them to different positions with the Prime contractor. This effectively reduces our revenue by costing us positions on the contract. The Prime is going along with what the COR wants/requests. We do not have a contract with the subcontractor, only a vague PO that doesn't address the situation. Nonpersonal service contr
  3. Hi all, I have the following clause in a proposed subcontract: G.6. INDIRECT COST RATES In no event shall the final amount reimbursable for fringe benefits exceed a ceiling of forty percent (40.00%) of direct labor costs for the entire duration of this Subcontract. In no event shall the final amount reimbursable for overhead exceed a ceiling of thirty-two percent (32.00%) of the total of direct labor plus fringe benefits for the entire duration of this Subcontract. In no event shall the final amount reimbursable for general and administrative (“G&A”) expens
  4. Thanks Don. I've sent him an email and I am looking into attending one of his classes. Rob
  5. I am new to government contracting and administer several contracts that my company has contractor acquired property. Our project managers keep track of all contractor acquired property in spreadsheets and then we submit property reports at the end of the government fiscal year. My contracting department is looking to update/install a property management policy and an adequate system to track the property acquired on our government contracts. As mentioned above, at this time, the project managers do all the tracking. I'm looking to be pointed towards discussions/articles/books/experts dealing
  6. Thank you for the detailed answer. This helps a lot. Thanks again.
  7. I'm reviewing FAR clauses in a new solicitation and came across FAR 52.222-60 (Executive Order 13673)(OCT 2016). This is the first time I've come across this clause in a solicitation. In my review, I came across an article that stated President Trump revoked this Executive Order in March 2017. The article stated Trump's Order directs the Department of Labor and other executive agencies to "consider promptly rescinding any orders, rules, regulations, guidance, guidelines, or policies implementing or enforcing the revoked Executive Order." Under clause 52.222-60, we would need to change our wage
  8. The firm providing services in this case is chartered in Ireland, so that would be okay.
  9. As I understand it, FAR 52.245-1(e)(3) states that under a cost reimbursement contract title does not vest in the government until it is "delivered." Here the vehicles won't be delivered to the government until they are done being used in West Africa. If that's the case, my follow up question is who should bear the cost of insuring the vehicles against property damage until they are delivered to the government?
  10. I'm concerned with damaged caused to the vehicle or property in the vehicle. So this would fall under collision and/or comprehensive coverage.
  11. Does it make a difference that this is contractor acquired equipment so while it belongs to the government they don’t take title until we dispose of it at the end of the contract as I understand the process?
  12. I don't have the contract yet. Just working on the possible issues with the project once it gets issues. Right now it doesn't look like any type of "secret" or enhanced security requirements will apply.
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