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  1. As you might have guessed, this is a current RFQ. And now a mod has been issued that addressed my questions. They were not answered earlier when the Q&A were published, but it is easy to see that the mod was put together at least in part because of my questions. (Maybe others asked the same questions, too.)
  2. Perhaps. But, that is part of the point of asking questions, to gain an understanding of what one does not now understand.
  3. The questions were ignored.
  4. Over the last year or so I've experienced several occasions when I submitted questions in response to an RFQ, only to have those questions not answered when the Q&A were published. I'm wondering why. Most recently my questions were part of package of questions consolidating the questions from people working on the response. Some of the questions were answered when the Q&A were published, but mine were not. Can anyone suggest reasons why this would be? To help, I'm putting edited versions of the two questions that I asked below. Is there something about these questions that would trigger a "no response" response? 1) The pricing spreadsheet asks for proposed hours. We do not see any basis for estimating any number of hours. What is the basis that we should use for estimating hours? 2) On page xx of the RFQ, it is stated “The quote shall include the proposed mix of labor (by category) including the proposed fully burdened rate for each labor category for each year of the 5-year period of performance.” What is the mix that you will evaluate against? What do you consider to be the ideal mix?
  5. lotus

    Evaluation Bias

    For those of you with a history on the buyer side of the fence, ... 1. Is it common in practice for the procurement team, especially those who are professionals in fields other than procurement, to purposely evaluate proposals from their favorite vendors more leniently than they evaluate proposals from others? 2. If a prospective offeror asks many questions, or questions that are hard to answer or inconvenient to answer, do evaluators become biased against that prospective offeror as someone they don't want to work with?
  6. Looking at, §125.6 What are the prime contractor's limitations on subcontracting?, I surmise the travel costs would likely be counted as costs paid to large businesses. I'm wondering how reimbursements to employees would be counted. I'm also wondering why the FAR clause is not in sync with §125.6.
  7. I'm trying to find how to figure the cost of contract performance incurred for personnel mentioned in FAR 52.219-14. I've run across a few opinions with different methods, but none that seem to be defined in the regulation. Here is and example of how I see it. Can anyone point to a contrary authoritative definition of how to make the calculation? In this case the prime meets the 50% test.
  8. lotus


    Seems outrageous, remarkably unconscionable, but perhaps true. The Govt is the big bully on the block. A fairer interpretation is that if the Govt made an award pursuant to the proposal, it accepted the mappings within the proposal. And the KO and the DoL are the same person, the United States of America.
  9. lotus


    It is a definitized contract. It was competed procurement. The mapping was clearly shown in proposal.
  10. lotus


    Thanks for the opinions, guys. Reading through this my reactions are 1. Who would ever bid on SCA work. since it appears the Govt can retroactively demand that higher wages be paid without a price adjustment. 2. I can see why some companies run, not walk, away from SCA work. 3. The contractor is in a no win situation.
  11. In these scenarios, is contractor hosed or can he get increased T&M rates? Scenario 1. Contract is awarded, with 200 SCA positions. In the proposal the then offeror, now contractor, clearly mapped all the SCA positions to General Clerk I in the applicable age determination, and built his rates on that rate as a base. Let's say that rate is $16.00 per hour. Contractor offers the General Clerk I job and pay to incumbent employees. Most take it, a few don't. No requests for SCA wage conformance are made. Questions about the proper wage arise. Eventually the decision is made by DoL and hence the contracting officer that $20.00 per hour is appropriate. Is the contractor hosed? Scenario 2. Essentially the same scenario, but the now contractor files 200 wage conformance requests, stating that $16.00 is appropriate. DoL does its thing and says $20 .00 is appropriate. Is the contractor hosed?
  12. lotus

    Bridge Contracts

    What happens to the KO's career if puts his foot down, saying "you guys dawdled around too long, and I'm happy to watch you suffer the consequences"?
  13. lotus

    Bridge Contracts

    Can an agency let a contract run to near its expiration, then use that it is near its expiration as justification of "unusual and compelling urgency" to award a bridge contract to the incumbent?
  14. lotus

    Evaluation Factors

    Stop and consider, does it matter to you if a person does this? If somebody has 8 eyed 16 armed robot and can turn out the results, is that okay with you? Do you really need a QCP/Contract manager's resume/.../technical approach? Remember, Input -> Process -> Output. Specify the output that you want and the input that you will give to the contractor. He will figure out a process, and you pay him for the output.
  15. lotus

    52.237-3 Continuity of Services

    Because reasonableness depends on whether you are writing the check or receiving the check.