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  1. @Vern EdwardsI believe we're doing everything right as best we can. I did ask for advice, and I appreciate that which I've received. Of course I want to help my company, but I also want to do what I can to get the CO out of a bind and keep their acquisition on track. I don't believe anyone's been called out or identified here. And you know as well as everyone that the salutation in the OP was ironic and sardonic, but if you want to twist it so that you can end your day by calling me stupid, you do you. But I do appreciate your advice, as well.
  2. <edited on Vern Edwards's admonishment> Is there any reason it would be inappropriate to ask if our information had been leaked to a competitor? I can't see why it would be, but want to know if I'm not taking something obvious into account. @Neil RobertsI'm curious why you would recommend informing the competitor.
  3. Cross-posted with the Contracting Workforce forum. Sorry for the double-post, but not sure where to put this: Is the source selection contaminated and irrecoverable? Or is there something we can do to preserve the acquisition (such as quarantine the information and provide assurance that the information did not influence our proposal revision?
  4. Good evening all, I work in Business Development for a contractor who regularly does business with the government. Earlier this year, we submitted a proposal for a large prime contract (FFP Construction, Part 15, BVTO), and today we received a letter from the contracting officer opening discussions (without mentioning a competitive range, fwiw) which included Evaluation Notices (ENs) and instructions for submittal of our Final Proposal Revision. Upon reading the ENs, I realized that the CO had sent us some ENs meant for a competitor for one of the Evaluation Criteria, which mentions the competitor by name and identifies some key characteristics of the competitor's strategy, some of their proposal strengths and weaknesses, and other procurement sensitive information. I immediately notified the proposal manager and our executives of error and advised that we must immediately inform the CO what has happened. My question is: has anyone here experienced such a mistake before; and what will become of this Source Selection? I imagine that the whole thing may be rubbished now, or is there a way that this procurement goes forward? Advice welcomed. -Involuntary Cheater
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