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    Estimated Delivery Order

    Don, Seeker, attached is what my Legal is going by in providing their opinion. I think the document is looking at a multiple award and not giving fair competition to all awardees, where my contract is a single award. So I have different scenario than what this opinion is about. Yes, I understand that Legal offers an opinion, that is why, as part of my researching, I am asking for other opinions to formulate my own, rather then go on just one opinion. Thanks. GAO Orders under IDIQ and MATOC contracts must contain specific quantit....pdf
  2. Searching for Answers

    Estimated Delivery Order

    Seeker, that is another possibility that I have been looking at, and the one that I prefer. But my legal views that as being an IDIQ DO against an IDIQ, and states that is a no-no. So that's why I am throwing this out there to see if somebody has any ideas I haven't been thinking of.
  3. Searching for Answers

    Estimated Delivery Order

    No, each item is over the MP threshold.
  4. Searching for Answers

    Estimated Delivery Order

    I have thought about Boof's suggestion. But the problem with that is that the need for an item is event driven. I know that over the course of a period that I might require on average 15 of widget A and 20 of widget B, etc., but I don't know on any given day how many I will need and which ones. So I have been leaning towards what ji20874 just posted, issuing say maybe a quarterly DO for slightly less then what usage shows and letting the customer draw it down as needed.
  5. Searching for Answers

    Estimated Delivery Order

    Can an estimated delivery order be used when ordering supplies off a single award IDIQ? Our agency has single award IDIQ for commercial supplies with delegated authority for field support to place delivery orders. The contract line items are estimated quantities with fixed pricing. Because the customer we support has varying quantities of the line items during any ordering period, and does not have the ability to carry large stock levels, it is very difficult to issue a delivery order with firm quantities for any specific period. This results in repeated small delivery orders being issued over and over throughout the course of the period. I would like to issue an estimated delivery order for a given period that would list estimated quantities and allow the customer to place a call against that funded delivery order as the supplies are needed. At the end of the period, I interpret 52.212-4 (c) to provide the authority to do a bi-lateral modification to reduce the quantities for anything not used. Our Legal states this would be akin to issuing an IDIQ delivery order against the IDIQ contract and that is not authorized. I was just wanting to hear what others thought. Thanks.