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  1. We recently submitted an REA which was approved, but we need to certify the REA in accordance with 252.243-7002. The company officer who signed the contract and all contract mods seems to think there is a requirement that the CFO certify the REA. The DFARs simply says "an individual authorized to certify the request on behalf of the Contractor." Can you guys give me some input on this? I would think if the VP is authorized to sign the original contract and the contract mods that he would be an authorized party on behalf of the Contractor.
  2. Working on a proposal for a "best value" contract. I've been told that the government can't score a bidder lower due to delivery costs, but I haven't been able to substantiate that. For example, for goods which need to be delivered by sea to the west coast, it seems west coast bidders would have lower prices (and therefore, an advantage) than gulf coast or east coast bidders due to geographic location. Does anybody have any insight into how the government takes this into account, if at all? Thanks.
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