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  1. Ahh, I left out the early part of the story. Our PM was told by the COR that either the CO or Procurement Office made the decision that we were no longer considered an 8(a) even though we are on STARS II and another 8(a)-specific IDIQ. We consulted the former OSDBU rep mentioned above in an attempt to verify or refute what our PM had been told. Sorry for the confusion.
  2. I can always count on the collective wisdom of WIFCON. Thanks gentlemen.
  3. Thanks to all for your help. I will contact the CO for clarification.
  4. It was my understanding that we would continue to be eligible as an 8(a) under STARS II until we had to recertify. I was told today that we are no longer eligible as an 8(a) under STARS II once we file our federal taxes following our graduation from the 8(a) program. Does this sound correct to the all knowing WIFCON community? Thanks for your assistance.
  5. The situation appears pretty hopeless until COs start taking an interest but I appreciate the education and opinions provided.
  6. I have not checked to see if a TA is considered a contract but the terms of the TA are generally incorporated into the subcontract. Even when the promises made in the TA are incorporated into the subcontract, we still have trouble collecting what's been promised. We can sue the prime in an attempt to get what's due but that spoils any relationship with the prime, current and future. We are getting better in the specificity of the TAs we sign.
  7. Thanks again for all of the help, even if the situation is still pretty hopeless. Don - You are correct. We assist in the proposal, lend our experience, skills, and past performance to the winning effort and then get little or nothing after award, even with a specific workshare in the TA. The primes offer a range of excuses or just blow us off.
  8. I have heard that the law has recently been changed to provide a mechanism to hold primes accountable for not living up to the goals in their Small Business Subcontracting Plans. I'm hoping that the great minds of WIFCON can help me locate any changes that I can share with my primes in order to get what was promised during the proposal phase. Thanks in advance.
  9. KeithB18 - thanks for your help. I had previously reviewed the material you cited and also found it to be inconclusive. The lack of transparency here is very disappointing. We contacted a firm to look into a protest but soon learned from a sub on a team that made the down select that the opportunity appears to be wired for the incumbent. I don't want to go into the reasons for this thinking here but we have abandoned the protest. Thanks again to everyone for your help.
  10. Thanks so much for the quick responses. We submitted a debrief request via email the same day we received the notice of exclusion. From the notice of exclusion letter "This solicitation was completed in accordance with EDAR 3415.302-70 Two-phase source selection, and is not held to the requirements of FAR Part 15 for Phase 1, to include debriefings." I take this to mean no debrief, not a delayed debrief. Phase 1 required a Business Proposal to include "estimated pricing for the Base and Option periods." I contacted an attorney this afternoon. Thanks again!
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