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  1. Yes, funding was obligated on this contract last year.
  2. I have a program manager that has requested to change the method of payment on a T&M CLIN up to $2500.00 from payment by electronic funds transfer to payment by third party (GPC) in an effort to de-obligate the funds for the contract. It seems to me I can change the payment method, but in no way can I de-obligate the contract as this is a violation of the Antideficiency Act. Can a third party credit card company be considered obligated if there are no funds on the contract to fund these services? I feel like this is really dumb question:)
  3. Never split the difference...
  4. That's brilliant idea, but I would turn the last sentence into a no oriented question, like, "Is it crazy idea if you can point out where I can find this regulation?" The "point out" is a good unspecific colloquialism (it means nothing really), and who is going to call you crazy?
  5. Thanks for the feedback everyone. I've only had one situation where a quote came in very low. I asked the contractor to provide me with similar sales data to show me if had done the work for other people at his price. He did, and I awarded the contract..
  6. Pepe, I have had large spreads in the past for solicitations I have posted, but for this one, I though I really nailed it with regard to the PWS. I had site visits and the contractors that visited asked questions, which I answered. I guess I'll try harder next time.
  7. I am looking for a different place to work at. That might be the ultimate solution.
  8. My office feels that when quotes have a significant spread that those quotes are not valid and cannot be used as a means of price reasonableness; additionally, my office considers the acquisition as a sole source procurement. For example, consider a contract was solicited and the quotes that came in were: $300,000.00 $425,000.00 $1,200,000.00 If I were to attempt to justify the award on competition per FAR 13.106-3(a)(1) my CO would reject this proposition, and ask me to use another method. I understand with that with such a large spread, I would have to compare the lowest price with past prices paid or ask the contractor for sales data, but I can't find a reason to justify considering this as a sole source procurement because the significant price spread. Consider all of the quotes responsive in my example. And consider this as a commercial item and LPTA is being used as the evaluation method.
  9. flitzer

    Evaluation of Quotes

    Two quotes were way over-priced.
  10. flitzer

    Evaluation of Quotes

  11. flitzer

    Evaluation of Quotes

    I did not include any FAR 15 language in the solicitation.
  12. flitzer

    Evaluation of Quotes

    This is in reference to a RFQ using FAR 13 Simplified Acquisition over the SAT I posted on FBO. One of the contractor's quotes does not meet the technical requirements specified in the solicitation and the solicitation has closed; the solicitation contains the clause 52.212-1(f). Can I establish technical capability from the contractor's website which would be sufficient to meet the technical requirements outlined in the solicitation, or can I ask the contractor to revise his quote even thought the solicitation has closed?
  13. flitzer

    Cost Anylsis for T&M Contract

    This what I was looking for. Thanks.