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  1. I have some seen posts on this but I'm still confused. We have a number of contracts that are FFP but the government only allows us to bill actual hours against a labor category, like it is a T&M. The CLINS will be classified as FFP in the schedule, it is in the Federal database as a FFP but the CLIN states that hours are estimated and payment will only be made for actual hours worked. Is isn't a LOE or incentive type FFP. We priced it as a FFP. I don't understand how we are not entitled bill to the total amount of funding on a FFP contract. . Thanks
  2. paystubs

    Can a contracting specialist request actual paystubs from a contractor to verify rates on a proposal? I am a contractor and I see privacy issues with doing that. I am accustomed to DCAA asking for paystubs in an in-house rate audit or a pre-award audit but I have never been asked to supply them to a CO.
  3. Yes. I think I blew sending the last response. FAR 52.232-1 is not in the contract. We are a contractor with several small businesses. We have prime contracts. The line item language was in the award of contract only. Think I covered all the questions. Thanks so much.
  4. Is that an acceptable way to treat these FFP contracts then, using the hours worked as the deliverable?
  5. Note sure I know how to answer. It is a small business set aside so the accelerated payment to small businesses is there along with the DFAR electronic submission clause. That's all I see.
  6. That's what I was afraid of and we have quite a few small businesses with this situation on several contracts. I have contacted the ACO but I'm hearing crickets:)). Do you know what language I could start with to push back? Thanks so much
  7. Yes. I checked that first.
  8. No there is nothing in the terms and conditions. If they are saying the rates are fixed then wouldn't that be a labor hour contract and not a FFP?