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  1. Gen7

    Contracting Officer Misconduct

    Perfect! Thanks!!
  2. Gen7

    Contracting Officer Misconduct

    Ah ok, as I mentioned this is merely a research project so I was just hoping to see if anyone had dealt with this sort of issue before. Thanks for the insight!
  3. Gen7

    Contracting Officer Misconduct

    I appreciate the feedback. And yes, I am talking about problems arising with the Contracting Officer under the contract. I know the FAR briefly mentions that contracting officers must ensure contractors receive fair, impartial, and equitable treatment (Subpart 1.602-2(b)) so could there be consequences for not following this section of the FAR?
  4. I am working on a research project on federal contracting officers and have had some trouble getting a clear answer. Specifically, I am looking for what can be done when a contracting officer abuses his/her authority (ex: extreme bias against the contractor, discrimination, etc). The officers seem to have a lot of authority so what options does a business have? Who do these officers answer to and is there anything the contractors can do to get them to quickly follow the law. Also, is it possible to FOIA their emails for code violations, collusion with other bidders, evidence of discrimination, etc?