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  1. Vern, Thank you for your reasoned feedback. Would you be able to assist with the remaining questions in my original post? Additionally, please provide the basis for the low level price analysis you state here as this does not seem to comply with FAR Part 15: Also, let's say that we did have an award containing 52.244-6 and subparagraph (d) was left blank. Let's further say that no consent was required under subparagraphs (b), (c) or (e). Am I off the mark to state that a price analysis that conforms to Part 15 is unnecessary? My point is as follows: the gov't accepted our proposal and awarded the contract. By virtue of the award, compliance with submitting price analyses simultaneously with the proposal (per 15.404-3) is impossible/moot. What are your thoughts? Again, thank you!
  2. ji20874, Thanks. I'll take your points into consideration. It seems that a different contract vehicle, such as CPIF or CPFF, would change your response. Please let me know your thoughts on a fee-based contract.
  3. Hello, New subscriber, first post, so be gentle. I am relatively new to Federal Contracting and have some questions regarding when a price analysis needs to be completed. Hypothetical: We are a Prime Contractor and were asked to submit a proposal to a Gov't agency. Our proposal contained several low-dollar (under $750k) sub-tier supplier quotes for material items and high-dollar (over $750k) sub-tier proposals for engineering services. We attempted to complete Part 15 Cost Analyses where applicable, but were denied access to the subcontractors’ proprietary information. These denials were relayed to the Gov’t. For whatever reason, my company did not complete price analyses for the “denying” subcontractors or for any of the low-dollar supplier quotes. A FFP Contract was awarded, but does not mention specific consent to subcontracting. We are now in an out-year and have had to request new quotes from several of our suppliers and subcontractors. Now a few questions: 1. Does a price analysis need to be completed for each acquisition at this stage? 1.a. If so, does the price analysis need to address/analyze each quote item or just the quote/proposal as a whole? 2. Are acquisitions below the micro-purchase threshold treated differently or are they subject to the same price analysis requirement? I cannot find anything in the FAR that clarifies this. 2.a. Same question as in “2” above, but what if the acquisition is over the simplified acquisition threshold? 4. Are material items treated differently from engineering services for the purposes of a price analysis? 5. Same facts as above, but our proposal was submitted to a Prime Contractor instead of the govt. Do our obligations change? Any help on the above would be very much appreciated!
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