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  1. Pardon me - unrestricted bid. We'll ask the question to the Government. However, this is Seaport. Seaport - the IDIQ - was not set aside for only small or large businesses. They basically let anyone in. This task order is not set aside for small businesses. However, we are a small businesses under the Seaport IDIQ.
  2. Hello - Either small or large businesses could apply to this IDIQ. We qualified as small at the time. The RFP is released under seaport which allows for small or large to bid on full and open bids. I am thinking the Limitation on Subcontracting clause does not apply because of the criteria set forth in the FAR
  3. Hello - We're responding to a full and open task order RFP. Under the IDIQ, we are a small business. The Task Order does not (obviously) have the Limitation of Subcontracting clause in it, but it is in the IDIQ. We are not required to submit the small business subcontracting plan in the RFP as it applies to large business offerors only. Our question is as follows: Are we required to perform 51% of the work or since this is a full and open RFP, is this requirement waived? Thank you and happy to answer additional qs.
  4. Ticket was non-refundable and non-transferable. The sub waited to see if that person would be able to travel during the time period (when the ticket was valid - 1 year) but no trips after the canceled trip arose.
  5. One of our subcontractor's trips was canceled by the Government. It is the policy to buy the cheapest ticket. The ticket was canceled once the trip was canceled. The subcontractor waited to see if the FTE could reuse the ticket for another trip. However, a year passed with no trip, and the credit was forfeited. The subcontractor wants to bill for the ticket which in turn the prime would want to bill the Government for the ticket. Is this cost allowable?
  6. We already submitted questions and there was no clarification. Only that they were separate items to submit for the proposal.
  7. This is from the Navy. The closest thing I could find in my research was a Small Business Participation Program Plan. Even that doesn't seem to make sense since this is a MAC bid.
  8. I am looking for someone's interpretation of the difference between a socio-economic plan and Small Business subcontracting plan? I understand that the small business subcontracting plan follows FAR 19.7 and after it is submitted with a proposal, it will be incorporated as part of the contract. The Socio-Economic Plan is submitted as part of a technical proposal but it is not added as an attachment to the awarded contract. "The Offer shall provide a socio-economic plan and provide targets, expressed as percentages of total contract value, for small businesses, small disadvantaged businesses, women-owned small businesses, veteran-owned small businesses, service-disabled veteran-owned small businesses, and HUBZone small businesses in any of the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) Major Groups as determined by the Department of Commerce. The targets may provide for participation by a prime contractor, joint venture partner, teaming arrangement member, or subcontractor. Targets will be incorporated into and become part of any resultant contract." Is the SE plan simply a regurgitation of the SB Subcontracting Plan since the SB Subcontracting Plan is simply not part of the evaluation criteria? Or is the SE Plan a deeper dive into the SB Subk Plan - meaning the methodology/approach etc to select the subs?
  9. Hello - and thank you for your response. I have read the CPSR Guidebook and performed some additional research. My question is - do items like rental contracts or recruiting services contracts need to be entered into our Deltek Purchasing System module? I want to make sure we are compliant when we are eventually audited.
  10. Good morning! As a government services contractor, we have recently purchased software for a purchasing system. We understand that all subcontracts should be entered into the system, but I am wondering if we need to enter for audit compliance - items such as rent contracts/Purchase Orders or contracts/Purchase Orders we have with outside firms for support services such as recruiting or marketing. These obviously impact our rates. Is it of your opinion that these Purchase Orders be entered into our purchasing system module to be compliant for Government audit? Thank you!
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