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  1. So, I will leave this with one last question. If the subcontractor will NOT be providing a proposal how does one comply with 52.215-12. Just a cert per the bolded above?
  2. Vern- No, not at all new to this. Sorry for use of colloquial terms. In this case "parceling out" means awarding work under the prime award to the various companies with whom the Prime has BOA's (without guaranteed min or max). Teammates are those subs who have BOA's with labor rates identified. Again, I don't see any exception for CCPD but was hoping someone had run into this type of scenario. Best Regards-
  3. So what do you all think? Just get a cert that says "none provided" in the proposal identification line? There will be no proposal from them.
  4. Hi All- thanks for the great convo- This is all "hypothetical" at this point. The Prime IDIQ contract from the Gov't contains teammates rates. When RFP's for DO's go out they are often very quick turn around so suppose the prime uses the contract rates and estimates hours and plugs in profit for various tasks. When the DO is awarded the prime then parcels out work to various teammates. The ones that go over the CCPD threshold are problematical as no proposal was requested or received but I have found no exception for CCPD and was curious because in reality there was no proposal to certify to. Does this help explain the scenario?
  5. thanks Patrick.. I meant to title the post Award without a Proposal..oh well
  6. Hi- If a prime submits a Task Order proposal (CPFF) without getting a subcontractors proposal (using the Subs contractual rates set out in the IDQ) and estimating the hours themselves as well as the profit and then makes an award to the sub over 750k would the sub be obliged to provide Certified COPD? I can't see how unless the sub went back and forth with the prime on the pricing. Looking at FAR 15.404 it addresses the requirement for CCOPD before an award over 750k, not a proposal. Thoughts?
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