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  1. I have a LPTA IDIQ that will be FFP when awarded. We want to be able to eliminate Offerors who do not fully complete a pricing table submitted under the Cost Section of the proposal. I'm not sure this is allowable. Normally, deficiencies that make a proposal unawardable are found in the technical portion of the proposal. Additionally, under 15.404-1, it seems like the contracting officer has authority to evaluation pricing information, and would be able to negotiate any missing price information prior to awarding the contract. However, the rub seems to be that since this is LPTA and FFP, if there is missing information from the pricing tables, your lowest LPTA Offeror may not, in fact, be your lowest LPTA Offeror once additional pricing is given. I'm looking for thoughts on #1) whether an Offeror's proposal can be determined to be unacceptable because of cost/pricing data under an LTPA solicitation and #2) if this is not allowed, how would you deal with the issue raised of having a LPTA Offeror, who may not actually have lowest price due to missing price information. Any thoughts are appreciated.
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