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  1. Hello all, I am looking to re-compete a FAR 16 IDIQ, most likely a "requirements contract." It is for supplies, Firm-Fixed Price, and after competing, will be a single-award IDIQ. I have a question for input regarding the Period of Performance (POP) limitations. Is there any reason why the IDIQ cannot have a five-year straight period of performance with an overall ceiling? The FAR references that task/delivery orders are generally five-years with options but I found no reference regarding direction when setting up the POP for the over-arching IDIQ. Has anyone had experience with these? I'd prefer a straight POP avoiding the need to exercise options when we know we will be using this particular supply.
  2. Terminology

    Hello all, I would like to request feedback regarding when to use the term "RFQ" vs "RFP." Based on my research, an RFQ is always used under the SAT (FAR 13) and an RFP is used above SAT. However, there have been instances with commercial (FAR 12) buys under FAR 15 or 13 where RFQ was used. This may be wrong. I've been under different offices and different COs. So I am seeking clarification to see if there is a hard/fast rule or can it come down to CO preference or particular situations. Thank you.
  3. Thank you for your response! I understand those requirements under 52.216-18(a) and FAR 52.216-21(f). Per this specific supply, a reasonable estimate of requirements is possible. And it is highly likely, if there are options, that they will just be exercised anyway. But that is a good thing to consider if we want to be held to that single vendor or not. (worth re-hashing with the program) Thank you again!
  4. Thanks. Right now, it's looking like it will be #3, Requirements. Would that have an effect on the POP limitations?