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  1. In 2016 -8 was used to extend option year 4 of the base IDIQ to January 2017. In January 2017 -8 was used on specific mission critical Task orders that ended in January 2017 to extend them to July 2017 - 8 for the base IDIQ expired in January, -8 for those extended task order will expire in July
  2. @Vern Edwards Term? it was a base plus 4 options, the base 6 month extension via 52.217-8 expired in January FAR 52.216-22 paragraph (d) "180 days beyond the expiration date of the contract"
  3. I appreciate all of the input, I’m leaning toward using FAR 52.237-3, here’s the scenario: Base IDIQ expired January 2017 52.217-8 was used to extend Task orders to July 2017 52.237-3 will be used for phase in/out 52.217- 8 says “The option provision may be exercised more than once, but the total extension of performance hereunder shall not exceed 6 months.” Does the phase in/out up to 90 days conflict?
  4. Can FAR 52.237-3, Continuity of Services clause be utilized on an existing Task Order if the Base IDIQ is dead? The clause was in the Base not the Task Order.


    Can anyone recommend one over the other? The pros, cons of both. I have a requirement for IT advisory services, which is available through both vehicles. I have experience with GSA not NITAAC. Thanks in advance.