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  1. The most recent CPSR Handbook states "GSA schedules are not be used as a basis for comparison when conducting market research". Question: is it permissible to use GSA schedules for price comparison if the contractor has a Letter of Authorization to purchase off GSA schedules?
  2. Thank you so much for all the great advice! I will definitely check WIFCON daily. Bob - thank you so much for 1) the instructions; 2) the break down of the FACs! That is such a great structure. You almost make them make sense... LOL
  3. Hi all, I'm curious about the experience of this group with ISRs and SSRs, particularly with respect to the allocation of Indirect Costs. My understanding is that Indirect allocation is optional for ISRs, but (until Jan 2017) was an unwritten requirement for SSRs. Would anyone be willing to share their experience in determining which indirect costs to include and how you allocated that against federal contracts?
  4. Hello my Contract and Subcontract friends! It seems a pretty important update/change to the FAR escaped my notice. I'm curious how you all stay updated on the many evolving rules/regulations/best practices/etc. Any advice is appreciated!
  5. How can the prime review if the buildup isn't provided? What would the prime use to substantiate the invoices?
  6. My company is interested in setting up CPSR-compliant policies and procedures. In my previous lives, I have tracked compliance actions (ie, EEO, TINA, Reps and Certs, etc) at the subcontract level (covering all subsequent Task Orders) and I've also done it on a per Task Order basis. I think each have their own unique pros and cons. I have my own preference but would like to hear the experience/thoughts of others. Thanks!
  7. Invoices for a Cost-Plus contract need to have the cost build up provided in order to verify that the invoices are correct. I completely understand that a subcontractor would not want to provide that build up to a prime contractor, since the build up would contain proprietary information. In my experience, subcontractors would submit that directly to the government for review. If the subcontractor does not submit the build up to the government (since they reasonably wouldn't want to provide that to us as the prime), how else can their invoices be substantiated for accuracy and completeness?
  8. I have a subcontractor who believes they are not required to provide an unsanitized copy of their invoice to the government for review/approval in support of their CPFF subcontract. They are describing this as an "unusual" request. This request is not unusual in my experience. I'm trying to provide a compelling argument to them citing regulation that this is not unusual. Thoughts/recommendations?
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