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  1. The agency I work for is required to use mandatory-for-use department-wide IDIQ contracts for IT services (unless the requirement is not within scope, it falls within an exception, etc). The contracts have FAR Part 15 clauses; they do not include commercial clauses (FAR Part 12). The contracts allow for cost reimbursement, T&M, and FFP task orders. There is discussion in my office that if we want to issue a T&M or FFP task order for a commercial service IAW this contract vehicle, that we would have to add the commercial clauses and provisions to the task order solicitation. Based on what was heard from the contracting officer (of the department wide IDIQ contract), the IDIQ contracts were intended for commercial and non-commercial use. However, I think adding the commercial clauses to the task order could possibly conflict with some of the clauses in the base IDIQ contract that should flow down to all task orders. Has anyone been in this situation or does anyone have information regarding this topic?
  2. Thank you all for the information. Matthew – No, I did not see any separate procedures, etc for commercial and non-commercial items in the contract or ordering guide. (Oops) Vern – You stated “Ordering offices should not add clauses to orders without the approval of the office that awarded the contract.” Are you stating that if the contracting officer (for the IDIQ contract) gave us permission to include commercial clauses at the task order level that it would be proper?