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  1. I know LOE has been discussed in these board forums numerous times in the past, but I am hoping I can get some comments here on my specific situation. The FAR offers little to no guidance as to what LOE actually means. It is mentioned (actually mandated) as a requirement for LOE type contracts in FAR16.306 and 16.207 but is not defined in either clause, nor is it defined in FAR 2.101, nor anywhere else that I am aware of. I have scoured GAO and ASBCA decisions for authority relative to establishing any basis for what LOE must "look like" in a government LOE type contract but I have come up wi
  2. Thank you for the excellent responses, as they have validated my reading of the clause. As I have stated there is no specific CLIN level notice requirement in the contract. However, I do want to resolve this amicably with the contracting officer. For what it is worth, in my view the clause is onerous and problematic as evidenced by the number of times it appears in ASBCA decisions. It is difficult enough to track total funds on an entire project let alone drill them down to specific CLIN's. in this case, what usually happens is that a large repair comes in that drives cost unexpectedly. In the
  3. Thank you for the replies, I just realized that you can select notification when a reply comes in. The contract is a Repair and Return type of service contract and is funded at the CLIN level. For each period of performance the USG decides how much funding they want to add for each CLIN. It is also funded with FMS funds. Availability of these funds is dependent on the funding available on the FMS case established for each country, and which information we are not privy. So basically, the contract has country specific CLIN's which are separately funded. So to answer the "why" we need more fundi
  4. I would respectfully request some assistance interpreting FAR 52.232-22. Recently, we had some CLIN's go cost in excess on a large contract with numerous other CLIN's. We requested additional funding on these CLIN's but the PCO balked at the request and is maintaining that we should have sent a limitation of funds notice on those CLIN's. There is no special notice requirement in the PWS related to funds expenditure, however FAR 52.232-22 is present in the contract. My reading of the clause is that the contractor is required to notice the government only when total contract dollars will exceed
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