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  1. It was brought to my attention that years ago GSA indicated that if your particular body of work fit under two different GSA contracts you could compete the body of work under both contracts. If this scenario is true can you take one requirement and compete it among two different GWAC’s (examples: STARS and ALLIANT). Is there a prohibition against competing one requirement on two vehicles? What concerns would need to be considered? If this is acceptable what are the necessary steps to make it work? Would the CS/CO need to get approval from the GSA/GWAC Contracting Officer? Would the terms and conditions have to reference the requirement was being competed on two different vehicles. There are multiple times when we issue task orders under different contract vehicles and only receive one or two proposals. If we were permitted to submit a requirement among two different vehicles simultaneously the chances for receiving more than one or two proposal increases, therefore increasing competition among vendors. Of course if we were to anticipate receiving a significant amount of proposals on one vehicle we would not entertain competing among two vehicles.
  2. Thank you all for the feedback. The archive thread is helpful as well. Although it does not seem like there is a prohibition against this practice I agree it may become difficult/troublesome when we are evaluating proposals. Something to think about....
  3. No danger or risk- obtaining more competition is the precise thing we are looking for. The concern is if there are any prohibitions against this practice. Can this be done and are there any additional requirements that need to take place in order for this to be completed.