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  1. I was used to writing BCM and CMM (Business Clearance/Contract Clearance) documents under FAR Part 15. I've submitted the same for FAR Part 16 procurements to Legal for review (our threshold is over 2M) and it's been causing some confusion. I went back into older contract files and found the KO wrote "Decision Documents IAW FAR Part 16.505(b)(7)" and there was no legal review. Would you consider a Decision Document to hold the same weight as a BCM/CCM? It just doesn't seem necessary according to the FAR. I know asking our local policy will be like opening a huge can of worms so I want to think about this before I bring it to them. Thanks for any responses.
  2. 1) Easier and faster to do an option than a new order. This is perfect! I think this will work and I’ll take a look at your other suggestions as well. Thanks so much.
  3. Someone at the agency...the Program office contacts all of the components and gathers up all of the requirements and somehow one or two always seem to fall through the cracks. I work out of HQ and we have components that operate under us that we buy for...we end up having multiple DO’s for the same requirement. Trying to be more efficient.
  4. I currently procure licenses for the enterprise on SEWP. It never fails that after we issue an order, someone will come out of the woodwork and indicate we forgot about them. Does anyone have an easy solution to this ongoing problem? I’d like to fix it going forward and use a vehicle that we can add to when needed, without issuing multiple DO’s for the same requirement. My department is stuck on GSA and SEWP but I’m really open to anything. Thanks in advance.
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