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  1. Anonymous 2010

    First task order negotiation

    We would have to negotiate prior to award of the basic because the Air Force requires the first task order to be awarded at the same time as the master IDIQ. Issues with only negotiating the first task order line items and quantities with the master IDIQ awarded and not all offerors. RSMeans is relevant in that we are not using a bid schedule of identified line items and we won't have apples to apples comparison of line items or prices in the IGE and proposal like you would using a bid schedule.
  2. Anonymous 2010

    First task order negotiation

    @Retreadfed. Total evaluated price is determined by using a weighted average price computation that is based on the amount of work anticipated for each year.
  3. The Air Force requires that we obligate the first task order at the time of the award of the master IDIQ. We are working a SABER award that utilizes RSMeans as the Unit Price Guide. Does anyone see any issues if we state that we are not using the first task order project in the evaluation and will instead negotiate the task order line items and quantities with the selected awardee?
  4. Anonymous 2010


    Thank you so much, knew Vern Edwards would pull through with the correct information! Thanks again, we have what we need to argue our point!
  5. Anonymous 2010


    How is an Air Force Pamphlet that isn't in E-Publishing still in use? Our office was written up for not getting approval to award a SABER task order over $500K in accordance with AFPAM 32-1005 "working in the engineering flight", but am questioning its use at all. It doesn't have an expiration, but is not listed with the other AFPAMs in E publishing.... Any help in understanding the logic is very much appreciated