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  1. To clarify The prime contractor is awarding small business subcontracts and obtaining small business credit toward their subcontracting plan -- so does the NMR apply to subcontracting or can the large business prime make award to small business subcontractors who are wholesalers or resellers and not have to be concerned about NMR requirements? Thanks for any help
  2. Gosh, I never thought of that! Seriously, I was already "advised" that my questions were not really for agency counsel to determine (perhaps, other than Q.3) -- rather, they were geared more toward policy implementation. Hence, the need to find out if other experts in the contracting arena have ever run across this before. I was hoping the Q1. would be a fairly straightforward, quick answer; Q2. to be slightly more complex/annoying; and Q3. to be almost unanswerable. However, WIFCON has been my first "go to" website when researching procurement issues over the years and I thought
  3. I am an agency Small Business Program Manager and I discovered that some of our large business prime contractors have awarded small business subcontracts using NAICS Industry Sector 42 and take small business subcontracting credit. In addition, another large business prime contractor awarded ordering agreements specifically using 423840, “Industrial Supplies Merchant Wholesalers” to a number of small businesses (a bullpen of sorts) with orders placed through a centralized electronic catalog by several other large business prime contractors in our agency – a kind of mini-strategic s
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