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  1. Purchasing System Input

    Having recently passed an initial CPSR I can confirm that indirect procurements are NOT part of the CPSR universe. As a small business it is important to track your direct and indirect procurements separately; however that doesn't mean you have to use two different systems. You can include your indirects in your Deltek system, use a coding convention that differentiates the two so that you can easily generate reports and extract the information you need. Hope this is helpful.
  2. I am in the throes of wrestling with this precise conundrum - complying with our prime's request to provide detailed backup documentation regarding travel expenses billed with our invoices, while protecting our proprietary indirect rate data. In some cases it seems our primes are asking for the detail just so they can do some reverse-math and determine our indirect rates, which may give them a competitive leg-up on future bids. I will continue to follow this thread. Thanks for the insights!