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  1. Thanks Todd. So even though the CLINs are doing the exact same thing that the original fixed-price CLINs are, the FAR is saying because they were not on the initial contract they need to be added separately. Good insight, much appreciated.
  2. I currently have a request to extend what was initially a 6-month fixed-price delivery contract using FAR 52.217-9, with the reason being the host country was not yet ready for receiving the items (the contractor has performed satisfactorily and had the items ready to ship when the contract required). Because the exact amount of time the contractor will have to hold onto the items is not known, I was going to add a funded cost-reimbursement CLIN, de-obligating the amount not used once the items are delivered. Another CS informed me the FAR does not allow adding CLINs to an extension, but could not find the citation. I also looked throughout the FAR, Wifcon, and asked other CSs and have not found anything stating this is not allowed. The effort to be expended is the exact same as under the original fixed-price contract, so there is no change in scope, just using cost-reimbursement. Before completing the modification, I want to ensure the addition of the CR CLINs is allowable.
  3. Good afternoon. I am wondering if services can be added to a pre-existing mutiple award supply BPA, if those services are a necessary component of the supplies. According to FAR 37.102(a)(1), agencies can acquire services under a supply contract, but I am wondering if the same applies to a pre-existing BPA that does not have those services as part of the BPA. An example could be a BPA for software that requires training for new users, but the training was not included as part of the BPA itself.
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