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  1. Thank you for the links. Background: I'm not using a GSA schedule. I'm in the process of establishing a MAC for a DoD component and came across the subject deviation in a GSA RFP during my research for the SSP. The deviation seems like a very logical approach that would save us a lot of time in the MAC pre-award process. Unfortunately, it looks like it is only a GSA deviation. ** Does anyone know how to unlock a WIFCON account that is linked to a unusable email address? I was working in Singapore for the last 3 years and I can't get into my account now that I'm back. My old account is linked to my Singapore email address which I can no longer check (@fe.navy.mil vs. @navy.mil) so I'm not able to reset my password. I tried sending an email to the admin, but did not get a response back.
  2. I believe this is a class deviation from GSA, but I'm having a hard time tracking down the source (I pulled the text below from a GSA RFP). Also, I'm wondering if there is anything similar for DoD? FAR 15.404-1(d)(2) Class Deviation • Changes to the current text are shown by [additions] and deletions. • Five asterisks (*****) indicate there are no revisions between the preceding and following sections • Three asterisks (* * *) indicate there are no revisions between the material shown within a subsection 15.404 - Proposal Analysis 15.404-1 - Proposal Analysis Techniques. ***** (d) Cost realism analysis. (1) * * * (2) Cost realism analyses shall be performed on cost-reimbursement contracts to determine the probable cost of performance for each offeror. [Cost realism analyses are not required when establishing multiple-award indefinite-delivery indefinite- quantity (IDIQ) contracts. Cost realism analyses shall be performed at the task- order level for cost reimbursement orders.]
  3. Thanks for the assistance - all the input was very helpful! JT
  4. During a BRAC, is it possible to offer a military facility scheduled to be closed to a commercial entity (e.g. not a local, state or federal entity) for the purposes of increasing and/or continuing employment in the affected area? I've been researching this for a few hours, and now it seems like a much more complicated question than when I started. My initial instinct was that it wasn't possible...