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  1. I see, you are correct. I am uncertain - I also know those above me are as well and have to brief senior leadership. I definitely don't doubt your expertise, so please don't take that as my intent. I think the "muddiness" I expressed is exactly because I can't find anything that says either way solidly. Thanks for the assistance!
  2. This is what I read: "What does all this signify from the perspective of obligating appropriations? As we noted at the outset, the obligational impact of a variable quantity contract depends on exactly what the government has bound itself to do. A fairly simple generalization can be deduced from the decisions: In a variable quantity contract (requirements or indefinite quantity), any required minimum purchase must be obligated when the contract is executed; subsequent obligations occur as work orders or delivery orders are placed, and are chargeable to the fiscal year in which the order is placed. B-302358, Dec. 27, 2004." Am I to understand that the obligation does not have to be the full amount, but can in fact be an incremental funded amount? That would be wonderful... however can someone point me to some guidance I can have in my back pocket and for future reference?
  3. Hello, I've taken a new position and have a situation presented to me that I require some expert advice. Apparently there is a new ID/IQ about to be awarded. The RFP language states that the guaranteed minimum will be met with the issuance of TO 1 (will be a simultaneous award). I understand I we could incrementally fund - but the guaranteed minimum requirement muddies the water for me. My question is this: Does this TO 1 have to be fully funded at time of award or can we incrementally fund? (Contract type will be hybrid, funds RDT&E, Award FY16 last quarter, I'm a little confused as some things I've read indicate it must be fully funded with the current FY funds since it is to meet the guaranteed minimum. (GAO Rebook on Obligation rules that the guaranteed minimum has to be fully funded on the IDIQ or the simultaneously awarded TO. Reference GAO 06-382SP Volume 2, 3rd Edition, Chapter 7, page 7-21, paragraph 2.) I'm told that FAR clause 52.232-19, Availability of Funds for the Next Fiscal Year and DFARS 252.232-7007 Limitation of Government's Obligation will be included in the contract award. Obviously being able to incrementally fund would be most beneficial - can anyone help me find here to educate myself further on the issue or provide any clarification? Thanks so much! v/r T
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