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  1. That being the case, why do you want to enter into a five year "contract"? You want a "contract" for you don't know what at you don't know what prices? What sense does that make? How is that good business? The question isn't why should you get pricing. The question is why do you want a "contract"? As you said: "[W]hy bother having it?" Having a contractor build and run these things for us is definitely a good idea. We don't know what we are doing here and do not have the manpower or technical capacity to in-source. From that perspective, its typical contractor build-run IT. The differ
  2. Civilian agency, so MATOC/SATOC is not applicable, but it is a single award directed 8(a). Don't like that, but not my call and not going to change unless the SBA agrees, which is unlikely. Yes, indeed - why would you do that? That is my question as well. It appears to me that my office thinks that IDIQs *must have* pricing for all years for all things. Perhaps its because they think that anything that is not priced out in the IDIQ would be out of scope? Maybe is just custom, since the large majority of our IDIQ-type contracts are for labor/services? I don't know and am
  3. Newish CO here. I am pre-award with an IDIQ that will have a BOM for a bunch of contractor-provisioned IT COTS hardware (maybe 100 different items, up to $80K unit price). These IT materials are from a dynamic market. Prices, models, features all change quickly. I am being asked by management to get 5-year pricing at the unit level for everything, and incorporate that pricing into the IDIQ. To me, this is a bad idea and a waste of time. My question to you all is - am I right in my assessment? Am I missing something? I see nothing in FAR 16.5 requiring any pricing of any
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